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M6Connect SaaS solutions help organizations make smart decisions as they analyze, plan, optimize, control, and collaborate regarding their technology investments that grow revenue, improve profitability, and improve customer experience.  
From IT Applications software to Capital Projects solutions to custom development, we understand your individual needs and we solve real-world problems.
Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Stop managing business with spreadsheets.  


We were leaders in IT,  Capital Projects, Accounting and Supply Chain managing millions of dollars and resources in excel  and outdated software.

As a result, we created cloud-based software that keeps departments organized and able to better manage their business functions.  

RFP Manager

Our Vision

We created our software operating platform to place the power of technology in the hands of the subject matter experts.


We will become the world leader in corporate business software technology by helping department leaders do what they know best.


We care about building software the right-way while also delivering value wickedly fast. We call it our "Design-Build" process because we take on the design and building of the software simutaneously. Simply put, the days of writing detailed scope requirement documents are over. Scope requirement documents create an inefficient time consuming process.

The future of software technology is here - let us show you a better approach. 


Some try to characterize our approach as a new form of agile, but they don't understand. 


Others think they need a large global software company to create their software because they feel it reduces their risk, but it's the opposite.


In the end, the only thing that matters is how well is the software utilized by your team. Your end users will love being involved in the process because they know what they want. We give them that- it's in our DNA.


Supply Chain

IT Solutions

Dashboards & Analytics

Contract A.I.

Vendor Management


Initial & on-going cost controls

Manage Critical Contract Dates

10,000 Ft

Application Modernization

Mobile App

Understand Dependencies


Capital Projects

Contract A.I.

Simplified Workflow

Vendor Management

Real-Time Capital Updates

Controlled Change Process

Real-time Portfolio Financials

Capital Planning

Mobile App


Contract A.I.


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